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Bell Witch of Tennessee

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The following message was sent to me on 28 August 1999 from ByJel:

I am trying to research whether the Blair Witch story may have been inspired by haunted woods in Pomfret, Connecticut, known locally as "the lost village" or "the village of voices." It's in a very rural northeast section of the state known as "The Quiet Corner."

According to local lore, the woods were once the home of British Army deserters, though the village they established disappeared by the mid-1800s.  If you go into the woods, you'll find colonial era cellar holes, a mill race, and an old graveyard with ancient tombstones.  Locals say you will also likely hear strange voices, or see images nestled among tree branches.

In the 1970s, a group of graduate students camped out there to research paranormal activity,  They were spooked by strange sounds, the disappearance of some of their equipment, and what appeared to be spectral images weaving though the trees.  When they tried to enter the graveyard at night, they were overcome by excruciating headaches, stomach cramps, and diarrhea, though none of them died or disappeared.

One of the students later went on to write articles about the woods. You can read about it in the new book, Faces at the Window by Paul F. Eno, New River Press, Woonsocket RI.

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